Humble bikes Cafe racer

Cafe racer is a typical way to build motorcycles. This phenomenon began to emerge during the 50s of the 20th century in England. From the beginning it was a light, not too powerful motors that get their young owners modified to achieve the highest maximum speed. These modifications included weight reduction, control and chassis have often been modified to the detriment of comfort during long journeys. The design of the first Café racers was inspired by motorcycles racing in the 1960s as part of the World Motorcycle Championship. Café racer’s features are minimalism, maximum weight reduction, low clubman or clip on bumpers, kneeling tank, and a very often one-seater seat with a rear end that has been placed in the past for racing bikes.



Líbí se vám naše stroje? Nechali jste se unést na vlně Café Racerů a rádi byste byli majitelem unikátního kousku?

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